History of ICCCR and 2cv meetings

1973: 1st Citroën World Meeting. Porec, former Yugoslavia.

It all started here.

The first ever Citroën World Meeting was held from 29. April until 3. May 1973 in Porec, based on an initiative from Y.U. AS CLUB (the Citroën club of Yugoslavia). 107 clubs were invited to join this event.

The figures were impressive: 1300 people from 18 countries met with their ca. 700 Citroëns at the Dalmatian coast. The longest trip to the venue was done by Carlos Jose Canha Monteiro who arrived with his 2CV from Portugal. The oldest car arriving on site was a Traction Avant 11B from 1938 which came from Czechoslowakia. Can you imagine that the line-up of cars at the last day was around 10km long?

During the meeting, there were many contests done, such as precise yet fast driving through a parcours, a Ladies tournament, and of course a speed test to change a flat tire as fast as possible. Citroën films were also shown on site.

The majority of the 700 cars were 2CVs but in spite of the good publicity, attendance was mostly from Germany and Austria. As far as is known the only UK representative was Richard Bonfond who is American.

A meeting definitely to remember for those who participated – at least 53 trophies for the different winners (hopefully) even today remind them of this event!


1974: 2nd Citroën World Meeting (ICCT). Vienna, Austria.

This time, the OECC (Österreichischer Citroën Club) in co-operation with the OAMIC (a tourist organisation) organized the event in the capital of Austria, from 20.-25. July, 1974, named the “International Citroën Car Treffen” (ICCT).

The program on site was featured by many attractions – both touristic (sightseeing tours and a “Cabaret Rentz” visit), car safety test, technical and sportive contests as well as a “Concours d’Elegance” made this ICCCR well remembered by it’s visitors. They came from quite all over Europe – the longest trips were made from Norway as well as Spain to the Vienna ground.

This was well supported by Citroën Drivers – mostly 2CV – from all over Europe. The campsite was located in a wooded area outside Vienna. The activities included a competitive treasure hunt driving event, a wine tasting in the Vienna woods and a boat trip along the Danube with food, drink music and dancing. A party of Traction owners from Prague were made particularly welcome as they were only allowed exit visas for 2 days. David Conway and Joe Judt from the C.C.C. attended in Joe’s Decap. At a meeting of Club Delegates it was decided that the International Meetings should be every two years, and the 3rd I.C.C.C.R would be in England in 1976.


1975: 1st International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Finland.

This was well attended by 2CV Drivers who could not wait until the following year and established the principal of the 2CV World Meeting alternating with the I.C.C.C.R.


1976: 3rd ICCCR. Kenilworth near Coventry, England.

I have not found any attendance figures, but did note a comment from an overseas visitor to the effect that ‘For once the Tractions were not the stars – the interest was in the Deux Chevaux’. The event was held at the Royal Agricultural Society show grounds in conjunction with the Town and Country Festival so there was plenty to see and do. Visits to Stratford upon Avon and a tour of the area were also arranged as well as meals on site.

With little or no sponsorship and no idea as to numbers expected, the financial outcome was uncertain. The Club treasurer had made it clear that the club could not afford to loose money on the event. The rally chairman,
David Conway, had stated at the start that we plan for the maximum number that we can expect and budget for the minimum income. In the event there was a surplus equal to £1.00 per car. At a meeting of Club delegates, it was decided that the next ICCCR would be in France.


1977: 2nd International 2CV Meeting of 2CV Friends – Switzerland.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1978: 4th ICCCR. Chartres, France.

The Rallye was based on a site next to the aerodrome where the 2CV Cross meeting was an important attraction and a significant part of the revenue. Otherwise, the event was very much planned as a gathering of old and interesting Citroën models, ca. 800 cars. The drivers of newer and more mundane cars were not expected to attend. The highlight of the dinner was the presentation of the cake in the form of a Traction over 1 metre in length, which was cut by Madame Jacqueline Citroën. Monsieur and Madame Bernard Citroën also attended.

This was the first event with official Citroën factory support and with a museum display of historic vehicles. A book of the Rallye was produced with photos of the cars and a list of participants.

There was no meeting of Club delegates, and it was only after many letters and phone calls that the Clubs in Netherlands agreed to arrange the 5th ICCCR, but not until 1981 as this was the anniversary of Traction Avant
Nederland. (So the 2 year interval became 3 years.)


1979: 3rd International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Denmark.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1981: 5th ICCCR. Breda, The Netherlands.

“More than 1000 Citroëns crowding a town where beer is usually more popular than automobiles”. That was the introduction in the book of the 5th ICCCR. The museum of cars was beautifully presented with suitable backdrops representing the period, and the concours delegacy was run in the traditional way with owners and cars dressed for the period. The 11 commercial from Netherlands arrived complete with farm animals. There were driving tests and for the first time a covered area for the auto jumble and flea market. The evening dinner featured 3 jazz bands in different rooms.

At the meeting of Club delegates, it was agreed that the next ICCCR would be in Switzerland or Sweden, but as time went by it appeared that there were too many logistical problems in both these countries. Therefore, in order to maintain the continuity the Rallye being organised by the Traction Owners Club to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Traction became the 6th ICCCR with the support of the C.C.C. and 2CVGB. And with a three year interval there was no clash with the 2CV World Meetings.


1981: 4th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Belgium.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1983: 5th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Germany.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1984: 6th ICCCR. Knebworth, England.

Everything took place in the open air, and fortunately, the weather was kind. 1327 cars from 14 different countries attended, including C B Francis & R B Lerar who registered as from USA. came to celebrate the 6th ICCCR and the 50th anniversary of the Traction Avant. There was a 2CV Cross event and the final day saw the triumphal return of the Tractions who had completed the Paris-Moscow-Paris run. The event was financed by the Clubs and resulted in a profit equal to £0.60 per car, which was handed back together with a quantity of merchandise, which had not been sold. The German Clubs agreed to arrange the 7th ICCCR, but as they wanted a 3-year gap there was another clash of dates with the 2CV World meeting.


1985: 6th World Meeting of 2CV Friends – Cheltenham – England.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1987: 7th ICCCR. Loreley, Germany.

Two 2CVs suspended from a crane over the Rhine marked the location of the 7th ICCCR. 1500 Cars attended and the weather was fine – most of the time. There was a marquee big enough for 3000 and plenty of seating outside to enjoy the German hospitality and the German beer. There was a tent with 200 metres of tables selling parts etc. and another 50 metres outside. A scenic drive was organised to be done in your own time following the route that was provided. On the way one could visit a motor museum and a winery with a ticket being provided. There was also the opportunity to take a trip along the Rhine on the ‘Felix’.

Although there was some concern when everyone went to the same side of the boat to photograph the suspended 2CVs. 17 Countries were represented with Vicki Oswald being the sole visitor from USA. The Clubs in the Netherlands agreed to arrange the 8th ICCCR, but they said that they could not do it in one year, and three years was considered too long, so with a 2-year interval there was another clash with the 2CV meeting.


1987: 7th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Portugal.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1989: 8th ICCCR. Flevohof, The Netherlands.

With 4000 cars attending, the 8th ICCCR was the biggest yet, and the Flevohof site proved to be ideal. There was a good camping area with facilities, good catering arrangements and self-catering chalets very near.

The weather was not perfect, but not bad enough to spoil the event, although the traders who had been provided with covered market stalls found that a roof was not sufficient when the rain came horizontally.

The opening ceremony, which is very often ignored by participants, was one the most memorable ever. In to the arena came a 22CV with Andre Citroën in the back seat. “Is it really a 22cv?” asked one onlooker. “No!” was the reply but it really is Andre Citroën in the back.

The Concours d’Histoire included a U23 fire service vehicle with a real fire and real water, a Scottish wedding ceremony complete with anvil, and a Slough 2cv complete with the farmer and his basket of eggs. 21 Countries were represented including 10 representatives from USA There was such a demand for tickets for the dinner that some were being ‘recycled’ by way of the windows – Citroën & Citroënistes have always been known for innovation! However, everyone was fed and if you could not sit with your friends, you soon made new ones.

The rally was so successful financially that the Dutch Clubs decided that as the money had come from members of Clubs throughout the world, an international fund should be started so that the Club and the Country organising the next ICCCR would have a bank account to draw on for all the initial expenses. This would be returned to the Netherlands, hopefully increased, to go on to support future rallies. The Danish Clubs took on the 9th ICCCR, and asked for 3 years, which would get the calendar back as it had been.


1989: 8th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Orleans – France.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1991: 9th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Switzerland.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1992: 9th ICCCR. Herning, Denmark.

This was another good venue, being an exhibition complex with plenty of buildings and tarmac roads between areas of grass, and they were needed. This was the wettest ICCCR that we had experienced to that date. Approximately 1350 cars attended (If our friends in Denmark still have the records it would be good to have the accurate number for the record.) The Citroën Supermarket was probably the biggest that there had been. It was all in one building and no charge was made for the traders as it was considered to be one of the principal attractions of the Rally. The museum featured a selection of Citroëns, which were unique to Denmark including 3 examples of the “11 Sport 450″ van based on the Traction Avant.

The judges for the Concours d’elegance were from 3 different countries and were dressed in long robes and wigs so as to be unrecognisable and safe from abuse from those who did not get a prize. When the results were declared there were prizes for each category of Citroën from rear wheel drive to the most modern and they went to 10 different countries. The judges said that there had been no pre-planning it was all completely fair.

The French volunteered to arrange No.10. There was some ‘spirited discussion’ at the meeting of delegates, and the view was put forward by the French that a) They would need more than 2 years preparation and b) most members attending took the ICCCR as their annual holiday, and a Citroën Rally holiday every two years was too much. Finally it was agreed that the next one would be in 3 years.


1993: 10th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Finland.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1995: 10th ICCCR. Clermont-Ferrand, France.

As was expected, the 10th ICCCR held at the Michelin testing Centre at Ladoux was the biggest so far with 5000 cars attending. This time there were 11 representatives from the USA. The site was big enough for everyone, and it was easy to drive round without any problems. The Michelin bus was also making a regular circuit. However, because this was a working environment and Michelin are still security minded, the site had to be cleared each night. This caused ‘Certain Traffic Problems’ each morning and combined with the very high August temperature it says something for the good temper of Citroën drivers that there was no ‘Road Rage’.

There were several camping sites so those who did not go to the dinner missed a certain ambience. It goes without saying that the dinner was first class and Citroëns had excelled themselves with the display of cars in the tented museum. The auto jumble area was all in one large marquee with a wooden floor. All that it need was air conditioning! One exhibitor commented that he had never drunk so much… water at a Citroën meeting.

At the delegates meeting, it was decided – hopefully finally – that the next ICCCR would be in 3 years and then every 4 years so that it would not clash with the 2CV World Meetings in future years. The representatives from Belgium agreed to organise No.11.


1995: 11th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Slovenia.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1997: 12th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Netherlands.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


1998: 11th ICCCR. Chevetogne, Belgium.

The information that we received before the rally looked good. The site was a large country park were the museum, the sales area and administration would be located. There would be plenty of room for camping outside the park and there would be adequate hotels in the area. We were told that only cars with passes would be allowed in to the park to avoid congestion, but there would be a continuous service of shuttle buses around the park and transport to remove large purchases from the trading area to the car park.

When the day came, the rain came down, the camping area was on a slope and not big enough, the shuttle buses did not run and there was no adequate plan for the site so it was difficult to find anything. Some members who had paid in advance had to pay again and some paid at the gate for camping and were then turned back because there was no room. Some people enjoyed it.

The gala dinner was fantastic, the best that this writer had been to at a rally – good food, great service and big band music. The museum was as good as ever, with the emphasis on Citroëns made in Belgium.

At the meeting to discuss the 12th ICCCR, Michael Cox suggested that at some time the Rallye might be in the USA. There was no other offer from any other country, so the Americans were asked to organise the Rally in 2002. What they did not know at the time was that the bank account was empty. The Belgian committee had received the float before the rally as usual, but after the rally, in spite of there being some 5000 cars, all of whom had paid in advance there was nothing to pay back. The losses were reported to be many thousands, but there were never any published accounts, and it is understood that Citroën Benelux stood the loss – an unhappy ending.


1999: 13th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Greece.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


2001: 14th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Austria.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


2002: 12th ICCCR. Boston, USA.

As expected, the event in the USA was smaller than the previous meetings in Europe, but even so, there were 7,500 visitors attended and 677 Citroën cars registered for the full weekend.

It is of interest that this was the first ICCCR since Nos. 1 & 2 where there were more 2CV than any other model. 87 Clubs were represented and 19 countries. The weather was very hot, the organisation was good, albeit different, and for the first time there was not a meeting of Club delegates as it had been decided previously that the 13th ICCCR would be in Switzerland in 2004.


2003: 15th International Meeting of 2CV Friends – Italy.

no information stored so far. In case you can contribute facts and figures, please let us know.


2004: 13th ICCCR. Interlaken, Switzerland.

The most spectacular site that we had yet visited and in spite of mixed weather conditions was attended by 4500 cars and representatives from 36 countries. There was ample room on the aerodrome site which proved to be a bonus when the camp site was flooded on the Thursday. There were reported problems of access and some delays which may have resulted in lack of income when extra gates were opened as demanded by the police.

This was the meeting at which Amicale Citroën Internationale was introduced to the clubs at a meeting attended by some 80+ representatives and delegates. It was also agreed finally that the ICCCR should be held every 4 years as this was the time limit that was agreeable to Citroën for financial support.


2005: 16th International Meeting of 2CV Friends Scotland

2007: 17th International Meeting of 2CV Friends Sweden

2008: 14th ICCCR. near Rome, Italy.

2009: 18th International Meeting of 2CV Friends Czech Republic

The meeting area that was used in Most  (Czech Republic) in 2009 encompassed 76 hectares! The participants drunk around 32 thousand liters of beer, 11 740 liters of mineral water and 860 liters of wine. The event was secured by 60 guards, 50 medical services members and 120 over staff.


2011: 19th International Meeting of 2CV Friends France

Salbris (180 km South from Paris) a similarly huge event – the 19th meeting of “The Duck” fans was held. The number of participating vehicles was around 7200. There were also nearly 30 thousand officially registered guests in there!


2012: 15th ICCCR. Scotland, Great Britainia

2013: 20th International Meeting of 2CV Friends Spain

2015: 21th International Meeting of 2CV Friends Poland

2012: 16th ICCCR.

2017: 22th International Meeting of 2CV Friends Portugal

2019: 23th International Meeting of 2CV Friends  Croatia

2021: 22th International Meeting of 2CV Friends Swize

2023: 23th International Meeting of 2CV Friends SLOVENIA