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Administrative assistance.

So we are looking for all people of good will, which would add, manage and edit  worldwide  Citroen on that site. So when you find any where on the Internet the information about  any citroen meeting  or event , that you will enter on our portal. If the event is already enrolled and you have more information about them is complete and correct. It would be grete if we found  from each country at least one fellow workers, or more theb one.  Even if you are not members of the Citroen clubs and close to the organizers of the meeting, you could find this information, send us or add  and update on our site. For this aid does not need any additional computer knowledge. So any body who have good will could help.

Technical assistance.

If you are familiar with computer science or design and design can this knowledge help you fully edit this page. Present your ideas and suggestions and then it can be fully realized.

Promotion and Links

All the others can help  to promote our page on all social networking  sites and also on their websites page, flyers and the like add a link to our site. We are looking for all that it can do to us where this is possible and that good publicity. Post as many links on our site. Thank you.

Citroen clubs, associations, formal and informal associations lovers Citroen vehicles offer the possibility is always free promotion of all meetings of the association irrespective of the location and time of the meeting. When you have any information about his meeting immediately send it to us and then complete when the find out more.

In addition Citroen meetings we will also publish all meetings oldtimer  and other similar meetings and motoring events. After selecting the editor of this portal.

You can also published the dates and programs for all general and special motoring events and also all the other small local event for all motoring enthusiasts and car. Publication charged at our price list. This allows everyone to get cheap added links and additional promotion for all their events.

The purpose of this portal.

I do not agree that someone is in another part of the world do not care where and when it is how local citroen meeting or event. Today, we all travel, with Citroen and other cars, private holiday to the official holidays and excursions. If we had more information about where what is happening interesting local events citroen every opportunity to include in your part of the journey or trip.

The second purpose is that all information collected or as many of these in one place, and that all we see how muh is citroen meetings around the world, this information is interesting for everyone.


History, archives, reports, statistics and photo galleries

Necessary. First, we need assistance with an article about the history of the 2CV word meetinig and ICCR Metting. Help us manning statistics in all these meetings, we are looking urgently photografy and pictures from these meetings, as well as private impressions and opinions about all these meetings.

Welcome  send  your opinion of past meetings send us  reportage articles from all previous citroen meetings and we will published or not on this page. We’ll be happy to post. All material you could  sent to our contact address. For this kind of assistance do not need any special knowledge just in a good mood.

Donors, sponsors, and advertisers

For the operation and existence of the site in the future is urgently needed so voluntery contributions of all who support this site as well as accept donations and are in talks for various sponsorships. We also publish all the paid-page publication and promotional links. According to the agreement or our price list.

For all other questions and more, please contact us via the site or emai to info (at) citroenbilten.com



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